Ingersoll Axles unveils new Underslung Suspension

Canadian company Ingersoll Axles has launched a fully integrated 'Underslung Suspension' model.

The new suspension has a capacity of 25,000 lbs (11.3 tonnes) and was designed with drop deck, low loader and specialty vehicle applications in mind.

To reduce maintenance costs, the system does not use U-bolts and is based on industry standard components.

Covering ride heights from 6.5” to 10”, it will be “100 per cent disc brake compatible” and feature a zero maintenance axle connection, said Marketing VP Cheryl Hacking.

“The Underslung Suspension is another example of how customers drive innovation at Ingersoll Axles. We listen to our customers’ needs and monitor the industry, in order to continuously improve our products, and make sure our technology is on the cutting edge,” said Hacking.

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