Meritor unveils new trailer axle

US company Meritor has launched a new lightweight trailer axle at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) in Nashville, Tennessee.

The six-inch (15.2cm) large-diameter model called MTec6 is said to have been designed with weight savings and Total Cost of Ownership in mind.

“The MTec6 will save fuel, expand payload capacity and increase tyre life,” said Martha Remski, General Manager, Trailer for Meritor.

According to Remski, Meritor’s design experience and manufacturing processes allow for more efficient use of materials, resulting in an axle that is said to be 36 pounds (16kg) lighter than the industry-standard 5-inch axle.

She added that the MTec6’s greater stiffness reduced axle deflection to maintain neutral camber better than smaller-diameter axles, which could help reduce tyre wear.

“Our MTec6 is designed to help fleets get the most from their van and refrigerated applications by achieving a higher level of efficiency and reduced maintenance costs,” Remski said.

“Because the MTec6 utilizes less material, it is a greener, more environmentally friendly product. After completion of extensive lab testing and field validation, the MTec6 will be available later this year.”

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