Norbert Dentressangle reintroduces LAG brand to France

Belgian tanker expert LAG, which is part of Chinese corporation CIMC, recently delivered 28 tipping silo semi-trailers to French transport company Norbert Dentressangle.

According to LAG, the order “reintroduced” the brand to the French market, making Dentressangle an “important addition” to its customer base.

Reportedly, the order included eight silo trailers with a capacity of 48m³ each, which were custom-designed to transport sugar, and 20 tankers for general food transport.

LAG said the company followed its ‘reliable, no matter where’ motto when designing the new equipment for the demanding €4 billion client, focusing on achieving “high wear resistance and a low tare weight”.

“These silo trailers will be used for transport by ferry between France and the UK. LAG Trailers has quite a bit of experience in this type of transport,” the company explained, emphasizing it had ample experience in optimising equipment for ferry usage.

In close cooperation with the French transport company, the rear landing leg bars have been designed in a modular way, for example. “This design handles the pressure effortlessly and limits service times,” LAG said.

Generic image: Norbert Dentressangle

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