Faymonville expands in France

Belgian low loader specialist Faymonville has opened a new branch in Villeron, a town on the outskirts of Paris.

“The greater Paris metropolitan area, with around 10 million inhabitants, constitutes the heart of France,” the company commented on the move.

“The nearby town of Villeron was chosen as the new company site [to offer local customers] a permanent point of contact.”

In the past, Paris and surroundings regions had been served directly by Faymonville. Opening a local branch is now meant to bring the brand closer to the end-customer and enable sales and service personnel to establish closer personal relationships, General Manager Alain Faymonville explained.

“Stock vehicles from our entire product line are directly available on the Villeron site. If necessary, our dealers can draw on this vehicle pool as well,” said Faymonville.

“We anticipate that as of spring 2015, spare parts will also be available there, and a modern workshop will make it possible to maintain and repair the various semi-trailers.”

The Hexagon, as France is often referred to in Belgium because of its shape, has traditionally been one of Faymonville’s core markets in Europe.

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