More Schmitz Cargobull trailers for Stardes

UK-based entertainment logistics provider Stardes has taken delivery of four Schmitz Cargobull FP25 dry freight box van trailers to transport equipment for concerts across Europe.

According to Schmitz Cargobull, the trailers offer greater capacity while remaining under the four-metre height limit imposed for international European transport.

Stardes Transport Manager Tim Stansbury said, “Our trailer needs are quite different from that of a typical haulier and require a lot of customisation, such as extra internal lighting, load security equipment, and bespoke loading ramp carriers.

“Even with our extra demands, Schmitz Cargobull offered us a very short lead time, which is a critical factor for us.”

The custom trailers were manufactured in the factory in Vreden, Germany, with further modifications carried out in the UK at Schmitz Cargobull’s Doncaster site in England.

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