Tesco adds first temperature-controlled drawbar vehicle to fleet

UK retail chain Tesco has introduced the first temperature-controlled drawbar vehicle to its fleet in order to help improve the efficiency of express store deliveries.

Tesco’s express stores typically are located in residential or built-up areas, making it difficult for tractor units with 13.6-metre trailers to deliver. The flexibility of an 18.75-metre drawbar combination vehicle means the truck can now reach express stores more easily and with a larger payload than a rigid truck operating alone – resulting in reduced road miles, according to Tesco.

“The drawbar’s manoeuvrable design also has the capacity to carry 48 standard roll cages – an additional three compared with a standard 13.6m trailer,” the company said in a statement.

The drawbar vehicle, designed by Wheelbase Engineering, is fitted with Carrier Transicold’s Supra undermount unit. It features two remote evaporators recessed into the trailer’s ceiling to ensure a safe walk-through environment for operators.

The forward compartment relies on a second Supra 850 to maintain the set point inside its Solomon bodywork, selected for its robust design and proven reliability.

“Continually improving the efficiency of our fleet is a key focus for the business, and with the help of Carrier Transicold UK we’ve been able to come up with a solution that really hits the mark,” said a spokesperson for Tesco. “We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with the team at Carrier. We specify their reefer units as they are so well suited to our operating needs.”

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