Great Dane presents special reefer model in Indianapolis

US trailer manufacturer Great Dane has unveiled a modified version of the Everest CL at the 2014 Distribution Solutions Conference in Indianapolis to showcase just how versatile a modern reefer can be.

The 42' multi-temperature model on show featured Great Dane’s ThermoGuard interior lining and was equipped with a new LED interior lighting system by Grote as well as a 20,000 lb. (9 tonne) forklift load-rated heavy-duty floor.

The van on display also had two curbside doors fitted, both featuring Great Dane's blade lock closing system to provide a complete seal around the full height of the door and keep compartment temperatures consistent.

US company Randall provided a folding platform for the show vehicle as well as a second, floor-deployed platform to increase the ease and efficiency of side deliveries.

“Because grocery, multi-temp and foodservice delivery customers have distinctly different requirements than their long haul counterparts, the CL is designed with versatility in mind,” Great Dane commented. 

Great Dane subsidiary, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, used the occasion to present the new Alpine truck body.

The result of a collaborative effort between the refrigerated trailer experts at Great Dane and Johnson, the next generation body is based on a modular ‘panel sheet and post’ construction method that is said to combine manufacturing and cost efficiency with ease of repair in the event of damage.

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