Survey predicts less investment in new equipment

According to a new study published by CK Commercial Vehicle Research, US fleets plan to buy slightly less equipment in 2015 than in 2014.

The North American research company asked 66 high-ranking representatives from small, medium and large-scale fleets to share their thoughts on the 2015 season, with a special focus on upcoming truck and trailer purchases.

Reportedly, driver shortage is still the key issue facing transport companies, directly impacting their ability or willingness to add capacity.

As a result, new technologies that “maximise safety and/or fuel efficiency; or improve driver potential, recruitment, and retention” will see more uptake in the coming year, according to CK Commercial Vehicle Research.

“In-house maintenance still is the preference, although some changes are occurring,” the study said – pointing out that original equipment truck manufacturers now play an increasing role as a resource for fleets, providing information, outsourced service and replacement part purchases.

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