German fleet invests in Kögel equipment

German transport company Ansorge has taken delivery of 80 new Kögel Cargo Rail trailers that were specially designed for paper transport.

According to Kögel, the paper trailers are equipped with a reinforced chassis to prepare them for multi-modal use.

“The gripper edges integrated into the frame and a gripper jaw tarpaulin protection made from aramid fabric allow the Cargo Rail trailers to be loaded onto rails,” Kögel said – adding the front walls are reinforced with a galvanised steel plate for added protection.

“In order to equip them for the transport of paper rolls, there are four longitudinal aluminium loading rails with an integrated hole arrangement for load-securing with locking wedges during loading and unloading,” Kögel explained.

According to Kögel, Ansorge is a “faithful client” that has been using Kögel equipment for years. That’s why the company also ordered 28 new Combi swap body trailers with a tare weight of 2.7 tonnes each.

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