Prime Transport Solutions wins Irish safety award

Prime Transport Solutions (PTS) has won Ireland’s annual Fleet Transport Award in the Safety category.

The local Irish company was honoured for the development of a new type of automatic landing leg that replaces the classic hand-winding mechanism with a pneumatic piston and locking pin system.

According to David White, CEO and Managing Director at PTS (pictured), the product called PTS50 has the potential to become a “game changer” in the commercial road transport market.

“The PTS50 positively touches almost every operational aspect of a fleet – be it driver recruiting or retention, safety, maintenance, aerodynamics, idling reduction time, efficiency and even space.”

Reportedly, the PTS50 will lead to a 97 per cent decrease in engine idle time and driver downtime when carrying out the process of lowering or raising the landing the legs pneumatically – reducing a three-minute cycle time to a five-second process. In addition, White predicts a 15kg increase in payload.

The televised Award ceremony was partly sponsored by Ireland’s Health & Safety Authority (HSA), a key agency tasked with ensuring the safety of products used in workplaces and consumer applications. 

“We are extremely proud to have won this prestigious award,” White commented. “The PTS50 is now the only landing gear in today’s global marketplace to have earned a safety award, [so] we are hopeful that more fleet operators will recognise the benefits it offers and see us a credible alternative to the current traditional hand-cranked systems.”

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