Truck-Lite Europe to premiere full-LED rear lamp at IAA

Lighting specialist Truck-Lite Europe has announced it will be showing a number of new and innovative products at the IAA show in Hanover, Germany.

According to Truck-Lite, it will premiere a new full-LED rear lamp incorporating “first to market” innovations.

Utilizing specialist electronics, Truck-Lite has added what is called a progressive direction indicator that creates a more visible indicator with the light extending towards the exterior edge of the vehicle.

Utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing processes the lamp will not only feature LED failure sensing and in-built trailer detection, but also have four additional take-offs. These take-offs allow the user increased functionality and flexibility, according to Truck-Lite.

“Having developed a homogenous light pattern the lamp gives a clean, sharp footprint for the tail function giving an illuminated and iconic mark to any vehicle,” the company said in a first media statement.

“Built into the stalk lamp is a reverse proximity function that will aid parking and reversing into docks. This is all incorporated into the lamp utilizing ultrasonic sensing and by visually notifying the driver as they approach an object. The frequency of the flash rate will increase the closer the vehicle gets to an object and be visible to the driver in their mirrors as well as to people in the surrounding area.”

Also being shown at the world’s largest Commercial Vehicle show is a new LED side-marker.

“Utilizing a homogenous bar of light, the marker range will give a unique and distinctive signature to any vehicle whilst still being ultra slim at only 10mm deep,” Truck Lite said.

Photos of the new equipment are not available until the show opens next week.

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