Schmitz Cargobull to unveil new high-tech floor at IAA

In 1998, the Dutch Government set out to re-define the maximum allowed noise when loading and unloading a commercial vehicle at night-time. The resulting PIEK standard has since been adopted by several European countries like the UK, France, Germany and Belgium and is widely considered the new industry standard.

To achieve it, a product is acoustically measured and must function emitting under 60dB(A) at 7.5 metres away from the sound source.

In line with the Dutch scheme, Schmitz Cargobull now developed a new, quiet running floor called MF6. According to the German company, the MF6 is longitudinally grooved with crossways ribbing to ensure its anti-slip properties, but the true highlight is its low noise level.

“As the volume during loading and unloading rolling containers is significantly below the 60 dB demanded by PIEK, the floor is particularly suitable for low-noise loading and unloading in areas in which PIEK regulations apply,” the company said in a pre-IAA release.

The multifunction floor is said to be 19kg lighter than a barley-grain structure equivalent and approximately five per cent lighter than a conventional quiet running floor, according to Schmitz Cargobull.

What's more, “the liquid-tight floor pan with a scuff rail has a smooth surface at the edges, ensuring leak-proof and clean workmanship together with an appealing appearance,” Schmitz said.

The MF6 has TÜV-tested sliding friction coefficients and certificates for wooden pallets and steel pallet cages.

Six load-securing profiles are recessed into the floor for interlocking load securing. In Hanover, Schmitz Cargobull will also showcase a new locking bar foot for the floor and the roof – follow Global Trailer on Twitter now to receive the first images of the new system directly from Germany.

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