Langendorf back in the black prior to IAA

In the lead up to the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in September, German specialty equipment brand, Langendorf, has turned the tide and is now operating profitably again.

“We are looking forward to the IAA,” CEO Dr Klaus Strautmann said in a statement. Strautmann had acquired the struggling business in 2013 and since put it back on a winning track.

“After the turbulent history … we’ll prove that the company and the vehicles will continue to be successful in the market,” Strautmann said, pointing out the brand name can still draw on a strong national and international following.

“Since the beginning of the year, the company and the brand Langendorf are back on track. The revision of the model range, new designs of many models and a profound modernisation of production are currently worked on or have already been completed in many areas.

“In the coming years, we will invest increasingly in research and development and will adapt production to the latest state of art.”

Founded in 1889, Langendorf is now working profitably again, according to Strautmann.

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