Thurston unveils new side dump model

US trailer manufacturer, Thurston, has released a new side dump model. The ‘Blu-Jet’ was designed to haul manure dirt, silage, scrap or grain and withstand the the rigors of on-farm operation.

According to Thurston, “the trailer features are intended to reduce total cost of ownership by decreasing maintenance and increasing durability while also maximizing efficiency and capacity.”

The Blu-Jet model is available in three, four and five-axle configurations with a 37’ FLX-500 Rounded Vee dump body.

“The Rounded Vee dump body design provides a low center of gravity for maximum stability and capacity, while assuring complete clean out when dumping, even with sticky materials,” the company said.

“The bottom of the dump body sits inside and below the top of the chassis frame rails. This allows for increased stability when hauling as the weight of the load has a lower center of gravity. The bottom of the dump body sitting down inside the chassis frame rails also increases capacity while maintaining a low loading height.”

The Blu-Jet comes with dual-acting 6” cylinders on each end and six pivot points instead of four. Each cylinder offers 62,000 lbs. (ca. 28,100kg) of lift.

Thurston: “Flexibility is critical to a side dump cycle, particularly in agricultural applications, as loads are often dumped on uneven surfaces or not distributed evenly within the dump body. Through a process of meticulous design analysis, our in-house team of design engineers determined six pivot points are the ideal balance between durability and weight as they add strength and lengthen the operating life of the trailer.”

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