Transport entrepreneurs criticise lack of regulation in Middle East

The Middle East has entered into a new growth phase but may be held back by a lack of regulation, local entrepreneurs told industry resource

“The UAE will be a leader in terms of advancing fleet management in the Middle East and I think that ultimately change will be driven by regulation,” commented Joe Lahoud, General Manager at equipment sales powerhouse CMC, adding legislation will play a key role in establishing safer, more effectively managed fleets. said that only by simultaneously adopting retrospective and forward-thinking approaches to regulation, authorities could prevent the Middle East from becoming a “dumping ground” for used machinery and vehicles.

“To accommodate legislation and facilitate trans-national transportation, the GCC may consider adopting a model similar to the European Union,” it said.

The news service said streamlined lubrication management, modern-day financing and cutting-edge telematics technology would shape the future of the region going forward. “Telematics represent a crucial weapon in the on-going battle to reduce operational costs.”

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