Chrysler Group fleet embraces new landing leg

Detroit-based Chrysler Group has placed a sizable order for a new kind of pneumatic landing leg made by Irish company, Prime Transport Solutions (PTS).

The PTS50 landing leg was designed to replace the classic, hand-wound leg and automate the process by using a pneumatic piston and locking pin mechanism.

According to Simon Bois, Executive Vice President and GM Americas at PTS, on-going conversations between his company and the Chrysler Group’s fleet management team have now paved the way to bring the system to a large-scale US fleet.

Reportedly, Chrysler’s transport division had been testing the product for a while before making the decision to place an order, which could include retrofitting almost 1,300 trailers down the line.

“With this exciting milestone we will now see how serious the industry truly is about improving their bottom-line and helping drivers,” Bois explained – pointing out the PTS landing leg could positively affect driver recruiting, safety and maintenance, aerodynamics and idling time. 

For young Irish company Prime Transport Solutions, the Chrysler deal could be the breakthrough after promoting the PTS50 product globally for several months.

“We feel privileged to be in possession of such a unique, disruptive and yet undeniably helpful technology in the industry. Our challenge at this point in light of our forecast will be to ship product smoothly world-wide,” said David White, CEO and Managing Director at PTS.

“This is a nice and welcome change from having to focus all our energies on generating sales.”

The Chrysler Group currently operates a private fleet of close to 1,300 trailers with terminals in the US and Canada.

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