Utility updates 4000D-X model

US trailer brand, Utility, has updated the 4000D-X composite dry van. The 2015 model will feature a steel front wall lining for added protection and increased value.

“The two .016″ grade 80 galvanized steel panels are pre-painted white with rolled edges and a 14″ high galvanized steel grade 80 wearband added for extra protection from impact damage,” the company said.

Designed to provide strength and durability for everyday operational needs in North America, the 4000D-X now also offers a maximum spacing of 24″ between the A-type slotted posts on the inside.

“With the shorter spacing and additional posts, the 4000D-X Composite offers increased cargo securement versatility and added strength that has been tested on Utility's real world test track,” Utility said in a statement.

The company has also developed a new, shallow roll-up door header for its stainless steel rear door frame to provide more vertical door clearance heights for maximum forklift clearance and greater payload capacity.

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