Intertruck Group secures contract with Al Jaber Leasing Services

Intertruck Group and Al Jaber Leasing Services (ALES) have announced a partnership that will see Intertruck manage the stock of truck and trailer parts at ALES’ warehouse in Abu Dhabi, UAE, over the next three years.

“We are outsourcing an important part of our business operations to Intertruck Group, in specific to their local branch in Dubai, enabling us to completely focus on further strengthening and expanding our core business,” said Saher Hamd, Managing Director of ALES.

According to Intertruck Group, a global supplier of parts for commercial road vehicles, the move is part of a strategic push to grow its Intertruck MENA LLC brand in the Gulf region.

“Being entrusted to take over and improve on an essential part of the ALES business operations is off course an exciting opportunity,” said Marcel van Eeuwen, CEO of Intertruck Group.

“Even after the relatively short period we are up and running, the positive results for ALES are already materializing. Our cooperation has already improved immediate availability of parts, whilst lowering the stock levels. As a result, the turnaround time for vehicles coming into the ALES’ workshops has shortened. With lower overall costs on one side, we succeed in providing higher vehicle mobility to ALES on the other.”

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