Mild pullback from critical capacity outlook in North America

US consultancy FTR has noticed a “mild pullback” from the critical capacity possibility in the North American market in April.

In a recent report, the company said the “one month change” did not signal any real improvement in trucking capacity which remains extremely tight. 

“The shipping situation is not as critical as it was just a few months ago when weather related issues disrupted the supply chain,” said Eric Starks, FTR’s President.

“However, we are still near a tipping point. If the economy starts to accelerate as we move through the summer months, additional strain would be put on an already fragile capacity situation. Shippers should expect carriers to push rates higher as we move through the year. The biggest pressure will come from trucking companies who continue to struggle finding qualified drivers to move freight.”

“Freight growth should remain strong through the balance of the year, and the rate shippers pay for truck freight will continue to rise.”

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