DHL opens $90 million warehouse in Singapore

Logistics giant DHL has unveiled the blueprint for a new integrated warehouse facility in Singapore worth more than €90 million.

The ‘DHL Supply Chain Advanced Regional Centre’ is a combined investment of approximately €23 million from DHL and over €70 million from Cache Logistics Trust, the appointed logistics real estate solutions provider.

The investment is supposed to grow DHL’s business in the region's emerging markets.

“DHL’s investment of approximately €23 million from 2015 to 2018 will focus on strengthening warehouse facilities, transport capabilities, IT and people,” said Oscar de Bok, CEO, South and South East Asia, DHL Supply Chain.

“By the time of completion, we plan to increase the staff strength in Singapore to over 2,000. This will contribute to our regional goal of reaching 25,000 staff by 2015, an increase of 65 per cent from 2014.”

De Bok added, “Since the announcement of our regional growth strategy in 2013, DHL has committed a total investment of €140 million across South and South East Asia. In addition to the DHL Supply Chain Advanced Regional Centre, we have planned for many more facilities in the years to come.”

The investment in the DHL Supply Chain Advanced Regional Centre in the Tampines LogisPark will increase DHL's warehouse capacity in Singapore by 40 per cent and is part of DHL's growth strategy for the South East Asia region, where the company plans to expand its capacity by 50 per cent from 2015 to 2018 in anticipation of the region's increasing market opportunities.

Reportedly, the company's investments will focus on building new facilities, advancing IT solutions, expanding transportation and bolstering staff strength and training.

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