Jost fifth wheel couplings now standard at Freightliner

German transport equipment specialist Jost and Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) have signed a framework agreement regarding the use of the JSK 36 fifth wheel coupling as standard equipment for Freightliner trucks.

DTNA will also introduce the more lightweight JSK 36 fifth wheel cou-pling to the Western Star models 4700 and 4900 as an option.

“I am delighted that we have been able to win over Daimler Trucks North America, the biggest American truck manufacturer, with our product and our brand,” said Lars Brorsen, CEO of Jost. “This agreement is clear proof of the quality, safety and user-friendliness of our fifth wheel cou-plings, which are valued by our customers across the globe.”

Rich Carroll, Vice President Sales and Marketing at the US Jost subsidi-ary JOST International, commented, “This new agreement with DTNA significantly strengthens our market position in the USA. Jost is the lead-ing manufacturer of fifth wheel couplings all over the world and this new partnership puts us in a good position to become the market leader in North America, too.”

Jost’s US subsidiary Jost International is based in Grand Haven, Mich-igan, and has been manufacturing fifth wheel couplings, kingpins and landing gears for the North American market since 2000.

So far, more than 350,000 JOST fifth wheel couplings have been pro-duced in the newly-built factory.

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