New report on Chinese cold chain logistics

China Market Research has published a new report analysing the state of the Middle Kingdom’s refrigerated transport market. According to the report, increasing concern about food safety is stimulating the development of more sophisticated cold chain logistics.

“Demand for cold chain logistics in the transport of vegetables, fruit, meat and other processed products increases as people's lives improve,” the report said, revealing that much work needs to be done to develop a reliable cold supply chain.

“By the end of 2013, the total capacity of cold storages barely reached 20 million square metres, with less than 40,000 refrigerated vans, far behind developed countries and certain developing countries like India in consideration of the large population,” the report said – concluding that cold chain logistics will attract notable investment in the coming years as home delivery services become more prevalent and urbanisation progresses.

“Cold chain logistics will become the most popular sub-industry in the logistics field [between] 2014-2018 due to the increasing demand and development potential.”

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