Michelin gives sneak peek at new self-repair tyre

French tyre specialist, Michelin, has revealed that it is working on a new self-repairing technology for tyres that could prevent punctures from occurring.

According to Michelin, the new system is based on a special liner applied to the inside of the tyre, which in the event of a puncture will automatically fill up the hole, even while the driver is in transit.

“What we are thinking of is several hundreds of millions of units yearly,” Florent Menegaux, Director for Michelin’s small trucks and tourism division, said in a statement. “Understandably if the process takes time on the launch phase, it is because it does require modifications be made throughout our works.”

While Michelin remains tight-lipped on the product’s details, the company has noted that the technology will be ready for release by 2015.

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