New feature for Meritor Tire Inflation System available

US suspension expert, Meritor, is now offering a ‘control box check point’ as an optional feature of its automatic tyre inflation system.

The control box check point option was previously available on a limited basis only and can now be included with any Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) purchased for new trailer installations or retrofits, according to Meritor.

“With the new feature, maintenance personnel and drivers can check the regulated air pressure at the control box without shutting off the system and disconnecting the supply line from the control box,” the company said.

“Fleets want a simpler way to change their desired system pressure or validate their current setting,” said Charlie LaFuente of Pressure Systems International, the company which provides the automatic system.

According to LaFuente, the system immediately provides air pressure to any trailer tyre should the pressure fall below the desired setting.

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