Gorica relocates Krone plant from Denmark to UAE

In a move to increase its refrigerated semi-trailer production capacity, Dubai-based trailer brand Gorica has purchased a suite of plant equipment from German company Krone that had formerly been used in Krone’s Danish plant.

The equipment became available after Krone decided to focus on the production and sale of steel boxes in the refrigerated vehicle segment back in September 2013.

“For a few years we have noticed that the demand for refrigerated trailers has moved significantly in favour of the steel option … which in turn has a direct effect on the investment behaviour of the transport industry,” Bernhard Krone commented back then.

“We only made this decision with heavy hearts (…) after all, it was GRP boxes that opened up the refrigerated trailer market for us. So we mulled the matter over for a long time before deciding to take this step.”

The equipment formerly used in Hvam, Denmark, has now been shipped to Gorica’s new factory in Dubai’s Industrial City.

Gorica’s General Manager for Sales and Marketing, Domen Bockor, told Construction Week Online that the company intended to use both equipment and the associated technology to manufacture refrigerated bodies and semi-trailers in the Middle East.

Reportedly, construction of Gorica’s fourth factory will begin in April 2014, and is scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2015.

The facility will enable Gorica to meet increasing demand for refrigerated transportation units across the Middle East, according to Bockor.

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