Global Leaders Networking Dinner in Melbourne

The Australian Road Transport Suppliers’ Association (ARSTA) has announced that day one of the inaugural Global Truck & Trailer Leadership Summit (GTTLS) in Australia will finish with a Leaders Networking Dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), the oldest public art museum in Australia.

“The GTTLS is not a conference as we know it, it’s more exclusive, more intimate, and more content driven,” said ARTSA Chairman, Dr Peter Hart. “That’s why we wanted to provide a stimulating networking opportunity outside the classic conference environment, and the NGV certainly is an inspiring place to do so.”

Founded in 1861 in the wake of the Victorian gold rush, the NGV is located on in the heart of the Melbourne Arts Precinct and currently holds over 70,000 works of art. Hidden inside, overlooking the Gallery’s Grollo Equiset Gardens, is Persimmon – a secret gem of Melbourne’s bustling culinary scene.

“It’s a magnificent venue and a truly unique setting,” said Dr Hart. “High-end dining with the opportunity to take a digestive stroll through the outdoor sculpture gallery is a quintessentially Melbourne experience.”

Dinner tickets can be purchased at an additional cost of $200 as an add-on to the conference ticket. A separate purchase is not possible. For more infor please click here.

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