BPW expands in German telematics market

German transport equipment specialist BPW has acquired fellow German company Funkwerk Eurotelematik, a subsidiary of Funkwerk AG. Based in Ulm, Eurotelematik is a globally active systems and software house specialising in the development and operation of advanced telematics systems for the trucking industry.

“With the acquisition of Funkwerk Eurotelematik and its attractive and competitive performance spectrum, BPW is expanding its existing range of high-performance and scalable electronics solutions for the commercial vehicle sector, which the company markets in collaboration with its Munich subsidiary idem,” the company said in a statement.

“With the grouping of the Funkwerk Eurotelematik tractor unit data with idem’s trailer information, vehicle operators will have the first telematics system available that covers the entire truck-trailer combination as a complete telematics solution. Bringing together the data from both truck and trailer within the system allows the data to be processed in one application in a clear and practical manner.”

BPW and Funkwerk AG expect that the acquisition will be completed by February 2014.

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