Solutrans Award winners announced

Despite adverse weather conditions, the 2013 edition of France’s Solutrans trade show in Lyon ended with an eight per cent increase in attendance, attracting some 35,000 people.

Some 800 exhibitors used the five-day exhibition in the south of France to showcase the latest in European transport equipment technology – but only seven of them were honoured with an ‘Award for Innovation in Transport Solutions’ by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This year's Awards were sub-divided into two main categories, Manufacturers & Bodybuilders and Equipment Manufacturers, each encompassing a bronze, silver and gold level.

In the Manufacturers & Bodybuilders category, the Gold Award went to French company, Chereau, a leading force in the domestic refrigerated transport equipment market. The company was honoured for the development of a new double-floor layout capable of maximising load efficiency.

The Silver Award went to Frappa, also a refrigerated transport equipment specialist, who designed a ‘contoured’ semi-trailer aimed at reducing fuel consumption.

The Bronze Award went to Lamberet, also for a refrigerated vehicle. The company’s CX SR2 system is meant to achieve “A-grade environmental credentials” through aerodynamic optimisation on the outside and optimised internal airflow.

The Gold Award in the Equipment Manufacturers category went to tail lift expert, Dhollandia for the invention of the DH-VOCS tailgate, which can be seamlessly integrated into the rear of a vehicle.

Cramaro won the Silver Award for a ‘side sheeting system’ that is able to keep a curtain straightened while loading and unloading.

The Bronze Award went to PMS Industrie, who invented a fastening system with automatic tension recovery, called Tenso.

Finally, the “Paul Berliet” Special Award went to bodywork specialist, Pommier. Pommier has developed a ‘mixed coupling tow hook’ that can be operated intuitively with one hand, making it ten times quicker to couple and uncouple, according to the company.

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