US trailer order season starting off strong

Despite facing many a challenge like the fiscal cliff and a weak economic environment, the US economy has been fairly resilient in 2013. The result is an 'above average' start into the annual equipment order season.

The US trailer market's 'normal' order season is November through March, with October being somewhat average. The 2013 season, however, has kicked off an impressive 43 per cent month-over-month net order gain. 

According to Frank Maly, Director – CV Transportation Analysis and Research at ACT Research, total net orders were 24,900 units. “The year-over-year comparison was less robust, but still a solid six per cent increase.

“Improvement in orders was widespread in October, as seven of ten trailer categories were positive month over month, with most of those posting solid double-digit gains.”

Despite the promising start into the season, many analysts are still sceptical about the market's overall health. The 2012 season, for instance, started strong in October too, but tapered off in the middle, leading to a disappointingly weak March. 

However, Maly is confident the 2013 season could be more stable. “Cancellations were low, which continues to indicate both an absence of speculative orders in the backlog as well as a confirmation that trailers on the orderboard are truly needed.”

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