Irish company adds first five-axle step frame trailer to fleet

Northern Ireland-based abnormal load specialist, Mar-Train Heavy Haulage, has added its first five-axle ‘step frame’ trailer to its 70 trailer strong fleet.

The SFCLEX 85 model built by Andover Trailers is worth more than £80,000 and will be used to transport heavy-duty Terex crushers and screeners around the UK and Europe.

It is equipped with a low profile neck and an extendable frame on the outer boxes that can extend by up to 2.5m to accommodate the longer conveyors on the machines.

According to Andover, a key feature of the trailer is its ability to hold the 60-tonne load in only 30 per cent of the bed, while a normal plant trailer is designed to take the load in 60 per cent of the bed.

The new trailer’s specification includes three fixed and two self-steering BPW axles, with manual and solenoid control, to aid manoeuvrability and minimise tyre wear. BPW air suspension with raise/lower control is also fitted, which can be used to lower the trailer for loading and unloading.

The trailer is also fitted with two ‘heavy channels’ running back from the fifth wheel plate, allowing the trailer to sit on stands when travelling unaccompanied on a ferry. The new trailer measures just less than 15m but can extend out a further 2.5m.

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