Bavarian company adds 65 Kögel trailers to fleet

Kloiber, the largest container logistics company in Bavaria, Germany, has announced it will add 50 new Kögel Mega semi-trailers and 15 Kögel Port 40 Simplex into its fleet.

With a tare weight of 5.1 tonnes, the new Simplex container chassis will be used in Kloiber’s container depots in Munich and Augsburg, while the Mega semi-trailers will be used to service to service a global automotive company based in Bavaria on a just-in-time basis.

“Thanks to the liftable roof, which is fitted as standard, it is easy to load and unload three stacked pallet cages at a time. This increases the side and rear through-loading height to more than three metres,” said Kögel.

The Kögel Port 40 Simplex, meanwhile, was designed with flexibility and user-friendliness in mind. “The 15 new container chassis … are suitable for transporting a 20’ container which is flush fitting to the rear with a retracted frame. If the rear extension is used, then a 40’ Highcube container or two 20-foot containers will fit on. As an option, a Port 40 Simplex can also carry a 30 and 40 foot ISO container flush with the rear and a 20’ container in the middle.

Photo: Lars Kirchner, Head of Sales Germany at Kögel, Ferdinand Kloiber, Managing Director at KLOIBER and Rudolf Nerdinger, Regional Sales Manager for Swabia at Kögel.

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