Pressure Systems International portrayed on global TV program

Automatic tyre inflation and monitoring technology is gaining ground in the global commercial road transport industry, especially in the US and Europe.

Even mainstream TV is now taking notice of the trend, featuring a pioneering US company on a new half-hour program that started airing world-wide on Bloomberg and can be seen in the USA on MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Financial and CNN.

The program is featuring North American company Pressure Systems International(PSI), which has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of producing automatic tyre inflation systems for the US market, giving it a forum to discuss the technology in detail on global television.

The program was produced by 21st Century Business TV and portrays the company as a pioneer in developing automatic tyre inflation for commercial vehicles.

The key message will be “how the simple design of their product has changed the way trucking fleets manage their tyre costs,” according to PSI.

The company claims its ‘Meritor Tire Inflation System – by PSI’ has the greatest share of fleets that use automatic tyre inflation systems in North America, with approximately 36 per cent of all new trailers being equipped with the system.

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