Kögel presents new refrigerated model for Russian market

German trailer manufacturer Kögel has unveiled a completely re-designed version of the company’s ‘Cool – PurFerro quality’ model at the Comtrans trade show in Russia.

According to Kögel, the refrigerated van has been modified to suit the domestic refrigerated transport market, but can still boast a variety of options to make it suitable for general use too.

At the heart of the new model is a newly developed, low-noise aluminium ceiling that can reduce the noise while loading and unloading by up to 10 dB – making deliveries in residential areas or outside the official loading hours more convenient.

The new refrigerated box also has a welded aluminium tray for improved hygiene. “The aluminium tray prevents the penetration of moisture into the carrying structures, which increases the life span and the economic efficiency of the trailer,” according to Kögel.

Sidewalls, ceiling and floor are made in-house to ensure a “significantly improved thermal transfer coefficient,” Kögel pointed out in Russia. “The innovative integration of the floor and frame has increased space by 45 mm, permitting the use of thicker insulation and increasing the internal height. 25 mm of the increase have been used for the floor and ceiling insulating layers.”

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