US fleet to invest in aerodynamic optimisation

US fleet Roehl Transport has announced it will expand its investment in ATDynamics' TrailerTail aerodynamics device. Reportedly, Roehl will install 500 TrailerTails on new trailers ordered from Wabash National in 2013. 

According to ATDynamics, Roehl Transport began testing the device in 2012 with an initial deployment of 100 units. “Roehl’s on-road testing confirmed the fuel savings benefit and durability of TrailerTail technology. Drivers understand that in addition to saving fuel, aerodynamic trailers are safer, handle better in high winds and reduce dangerous road spray,” said Rick Roehl, President of Roehl Transport.

Based on current fleet demand and the example set by high efficiency fleets like Roehl, ATDynamics projects 50,000 fuel saving TrailerTails will circulate US highways by 2014.


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