Optronics to stock new range of LED lighting

US company Optronics has presented a new range of LED lighting for the trailer market. The 'GloLight' series is based on a light diffusing material that gives it a distinctive 'glowing' appearance on one portion of the lens, contrasting with dual-function LEDs with traditional bright spots of illumination.

“Drab, traditional incandescent lamps are quickly giving way to new, longer-lasting LED lamps, but the visual presentation of trailer lighting has remained essentially limited to these two styles for years,” Brett Johnson, President and CEO of Optronics, said in a statement.

According to Optronics, the introduction of the new lamp offering could influence new trailer lighting designs in the near and foreseeable future. “These new GloLight lamps provide us with a simple, yet noticeable way to visually differentiate our products from our competition, and that brings value to us, our dealers and the end-user,” Michael Terry, President of Cimarron Trailers, told the lighting company.”

Johnson added, “This product will have a positive merchandising impact on a broad array of retail trailer lighting planogram strategies.”

In late 2012, Optronics was acquired by global corporation Lucidity, but is still operating as an independent business unit of the Taiwan-based lighting powerhouse.



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