New remote-controlled bitumen tanker by Kässbohrer

German trailer brand Kässbohrer, part of Turkey’s Tirsan Treyler Group, has developed a remote-controlled bitumen tanker on behalf of German company Scharrer & Andresen, a longtime business partner of Total's German bitumen division. 

The new model, labelled K.STS, is equipped with a wireless remote control to handle the pneumatic discharge system. According to Kässbohrer, Total asked for such a feature to enhance safety and efficiency during the unloading process by minimizing manual intervention.

“Consequently, operational efficiency is achieved by eliminating the operation steps and reducing the required operation time,” Kässbohrer said in a statement following the handover last month. 

In addition, “The sliding dome collar covers [are] made of stainless steel [to] guarantee a constant temperature … under all weather conditions.” 

To maximise Operational Health & Safety, the K.STS semi is fitted with pneumatically operated, foldable aluminium handrails and an aluminum ladder to enable a quick and safe access for the operator during loading and unloading.

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