BPW to expand European service network

German commercial vehicle component specialist BPW has expanded its 'breakdown assistance' program and is now supported by the Europe Net service organisation.

Transport businesses using trailers and semi-trailers that are equipped with BPW technology are now able to contact a free 24-hour breakdown assistance hotline (00800 780 780 00) in 39 European countries and receive support in their own language.

In an emergency, they can call on the assistance of more than 3200 BPW service partners and the Europe Net breakdown assistance network comprising 4500 support stations, BPW reported.

According to Dr Bert Brauers, member of the BPW Board of Management, the new breakdown assistance service is aimed at transport operators all throughout Europe: “We want our customers to stay mobile at all times, because if a trailer is not on the move, it is costing money. Being there for our customers around the clock in an emergency is an obligation that we accept as an international mobility partner.”

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