Eddie Stobart at the top of UK album charts

Eddie Stobart: Trucking Songs, a compilation of classic rock tunes and driving anthems, has rocketed to the top of the official Compilation Chart on Father’s Day. After entering the charts at number two, Stobart sold over 43,000 copies in one week to reach its first-ever number one ranking in the music industry.

Boasting a plethora of hits from artists like Queen, Meat Loaf, Kiss, ZZ Top and Bob Dylan, Trucking Songs was created “for those long motorway journeys,” as Stobart announced in a press release.

With Eddie Stobart’s fleet of 2,500 trucks covering 750,000 miles (1.2 million km) per day, the company’s iconic red and green trucks are familiar sights on the UK road and motorway network. The business boasts a 25,000-strong official members club and has its own Channel 5 series charting its distribution of goods to the nation.

Laura Tinkler, Stobart Group Retail Manager, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and really showcases the strength and diversity of the Eddie Stobart brand. Spotting Stobart trucks has always been a traditional pastime for long journeys and we hoped the Trucking Songs CD would prove popular in this respect as well. But to achieve an official number one, especially on Father’s Day, really is a pleasant surprise.”

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