New Fliegl model with variable platform height

German trailer brand Fliegl has unveiled a curtain-sided semi-model with a variable platform height, specially designed to match differently sized prime movers so it can be used more efficiently across a fleet. 

According to Fliegl, the tare weight of 6.1 tonnes could make for a competitive advantage of up to one tonne compared to the market average. 

The platform height of the new 'Mega Flex' model can be changed pneumatically, varying between 950mm and 1150mm. On the lowest level, the roof can be lifted to achieve an internal height of up to three metres – making it a viable 'Mega' model. At the push of a button, the chassis can be lifted to create a 'standard' trailer. 

Specially designed landing legs are able to cater to both heights, according to Fliegl.

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