Kögel launches new three-axle flatbed semi-trailer

German trailer expert Kögel has presented a new three-axle flatbed semi-trailer at Bauma 2013 in Munich.

According to Kögel, the welded flatbed semi-trailer comes with a high tapered bed and low tare weight to accommodate excavators, wheeled loaders, construction machines and other heavy-duty equipment. The trailer also has a moveable king pin, which enables it to be used in conjunction with dual and tri-axle tractor units.

The trailer is comprised from high-strength fine-grained steel and full-width IPE cross beams, giving it a stable mainframe and external frame, according to Kögel. The manually lowerable, air-suspended rear axle assembly ensures enhanced drive-up convenience.

“For use on building sites where there is a shortage of space, the three-axle flat-bed semi-trailer is also available with an optional articulated self-steering axle. In addition, the high floor is secured all round by 400-millimetre foldable drop sides. Where necessary, the drop sides can be removed quickly and easily without the need for tools,” Kögel says.

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