BPW presents new mechanical suspension system at Bauma

BPW has presented a new mechanical suspension system at the Bauma trade show in Germany last month. The new Eco Cargo VB was designed to service those markets where tough mechanical suspension systems still play a key roll, but was inspired by the company's proven air suspension range.

“The sturdiness, uncomplicated service and emergency running properties of this running gear are decisive features for its use, particularly wherever hard operating conditions, long distances between service points or long periods of use with low mileage are every-day factors,” the company said.

According to BPW, the new model has been completely revised, adding “intelligent details for service and operation” to the mix. “Alignment and service features have been significantly improved by using proven equipment from the major BPW air suspension series. Moreover integrated anti-rotation lock bolts on the equalising beam and torque arm bearings have eliminated the necessity of additional 'weld on' locking plates. 

The most important service information is now embossed directly onto the parts to ensure that nothing can go wrong when servicing the equipment or ordering spare parts. As a producer of intelligent running gear systems BPW places particular value on use of low wearing materials for components such as spring sliders. This and ease of replacing parts make servicing more economical.”

The new suspension design with overslung springs is also meant to provide a low ride height with maximum ground clearance.

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