Werner Enterprises reports first quarter 2013 revenues

Werner Enterprises, one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in the US, had to report a smaller first-quarter profit in 2013, in part due to bad weather that caused expenses to rise. The company earned $17.5 million during the quarter that ended March 31. That was down by almost 18 percent from its year-ago profit of $21.2 million.

“[Compared to 2012] we experienced more severe winter weather in first quarter 2013, which had a modest negative impact on truck productivity and caused operating expenses in the current quarter to be somewhat higher,” the company stated.

“We believe there are several truckload capacity constraints including an older industry truck fleet, the higher cost of new trucks and trailers, significant safety regulatory changes and a challenging driver market. We continue to work jointly with our customers to secure sustainable transportation solutions across all modes and to offset increased rates through enhanced optimization and transportation solutions whenever possible.”


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