Utility video explains foam-in-place technology

Utility Trailer Manufacturing has released a new video showcasing the company’s proprietary foam-in-place insulation process.

Utility’s 3000R® reefer trailer is based on a 360-degree continuous foam-in-place process that fully insulates the entire trailer without foam voids, according to the maker. “We’ve developed this unique foam-in-place insulation process as a means to achieve the greatest thermal efficiency possible, and we are the only trailer manufacturer that utilizes this process,” stated Larry Roland, Director of Marketing for Utility Trailer Manufacturing.

The new Utility video visually demonstrates how the unique foam “mandrel” process creates a 360-degree, void-free, continuous high-pressure foam envelope that completely insulates the floor, walls and roof of the trailer. “This process is extremely important when manufacturing our reefers because it ensures that there are no voids and no panel joints to seal up later.

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