Rogers Brothers unveil 55-tonne CobraNeck model

US trailer manufacturer Rogers Brothers recently unveiled a 55-tonne platform trailer specially designed for a Buffalo company to haul assorted pieces of construction equipment. The semi-trailer features Rogers' new “CobraNeck” detachable gooseneck.

The CobraNeck design is adjustable to meet various ground clearance positions, thus saving time that would be spent in changing ride height settings. According to Rogers, the gooseneck is adaptable to multiple fifth wheel heights.

“Unlike many 55-tonne capacity trailers, which require the load to be spread evenly across the full length of the deck, this trailer can handle a load concentrated in any 13 feet (3.9m) of the 25-foot (7.6m) long platform deck.

“The adjustable deck height is standard at 18 inches (46cm) fully loaded. A full depth Bucket Pocket at the rear center of the deck and Boom Trough in the rear frame provide additional space to couch excavator booms/buckets to minimize loaded machine height for increased overhead clearance.”

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