Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen to speak at ITF Funding Summit

Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen's keynote speech will open the International Transport Forum's (IFT) Funding Summit in Leipzig, Germany on 22 May. The eminent Harvard economist and philosopher will set the scene for three days of debate and policy discussions on transport's funding dilemma.

A world authority on social and ethical implications of economic decisions, Sen's insights will be of keen interest to the expected 1000 participants. Professor Sen will join ministers from the ITF's 54 member countries, industry leaders and other top thinkers to discuss innovative ways to fund tomorrow's transport systems in the face of tight budgets.

The various funding challenges facing different transport modes were already debated during the ITF's Annual Consultation with International Organisations in Paris on 6 March.

The consultation with ITF's international partners is a mechanism to ensure the Forum considers the full range of issues to bring forward for debate at the Summit. The themes raised included defining spending priorities, the linking of transport networks across borders, and the funding of urban and regional mobility.

Sen will be joined by John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist. Micklethwait, who has led the Economist since 2006 and increased its circulation to 1.5 million copies in more than 200 countries was named editors’ editor by the British Society of Magazine Editors in 2010.

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