VDL Weweler to present MARS upgrade at Mid-America Truck Show

Suspension specialist VDL Weweler has announced that it will present an upgrade to the much talked-about MARS range at the 2013 Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky. 

In 2012, the Dutch company teamed up with US axle expert AXN, who helped the company design a whole new version of the successful Modular Bolt-on Suspension range. The result, a Modular Air Ride Suspension named MARS, was presented in a separate room at AXN’s booth at the last Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS).

At the 2013 edition of MATS, VDL Weweler will now introduce the latest upgrade to the MARS range. “We will exhibit MARS23 vocational suspension and MARS40 slider suspension. Furthermore we know have MARS23 seed units available,” says CEO, Dick Aalderinck – who is well aware of the fact that air suspension has fallen from grace in the US over the last decade.

“We all know that with an aging fleet, a suspension system has to be cost-efficient and maintenance-friendly at the same time. That’s why the integrated air suspension has fallen from grace – a repair basically means replacing the entire unit. Our system can now combine the finesse of an air suspension with the simplicity of a mechanical one. You can basically change whatever part you want, even the axle beam.

“In addition, MARS has hardly any pivoting element, which will make it even more reliable than a mechanical solution. In that sense, we have combined the best of both worlds – and it was our clientele who made us aware of it.”

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