Meritor Wabco to present RSS 1M trailer stability control system

Just in time for the Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky, US company Meritor Wabco has introduced a new safety tool to the market that is supposed to cement the brand's position as an innovative force in the North American commercial vehicle market.

Integrating the company’s auto lift axle control technology and tyre inflation data management into the newly released Rollover Stability Support (RSS) 1M trailer stability control system, Meritor Wabco set out to achieve a new level of vehicle safety. The new features are supposed to provide additional benefits by controlling and monitoring ancillary trailer components alongside the original trailer rollover mitigation functionality of the system.

RSS 1M is a two-sensor, one-modulator system that provides the benefits of both ABS and trailer stability control integrated into a single compact unit, with the additional benefit of being able to link with a variety of trailer components. “Fleets continue to invest in improved safety through the utilization of our Roll Stability Support trailer product platform and these additional features provide even more value since both the auto lift axle control and availability of tyre inflation data have the potential to positively impact a fleet’s bottom line,” said Mark Melletat, Director, Trailer Systems, Meritor Wabco.

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