Eco-combis coming to Flanders region

A special commision working on behalf of the Flemish Parliament has issued a decree that will form the legal basis for the operation of so-called Eco-combis in the Belgian region of Flanders. Local media called the decision “a major breakthrough” on the way to using Longer Heavier Vehicles (LHV) in central Europe.


The decree still has to be discussed by the Flemish Parliament in a plenary session to be held in the coming weeks. The decrees will then be published in the official journal of the Kingdom of Belgium. Reportedly, this could happen in the first half of spring. “After that, carriers wishing to use ecocombis can make a formal request to the government. The application phase may start during the summer of 2013,” French magazine Truck Business reported.

“This is a very important step on the way to using Eco-combis,” said Lode Verkinderen, Secretary General Transport in Flanders. “The biggest political steps have now been made…. There is still more work to do but we can say that it is progressing well.”


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