Alcoa announces winners of 2012 Core Carrier Awards

United Parcel Service won the Alcoa Advantage in Transportation Award. The award recognises transport businesses who leverage resources beyond traditional transportation industry boundaries to deliver significant benefits to US aluminium giant Alcoa.

CMI Freight-Trans of Chicago, Illinois, earned recognition as Alcoa’s leading intermodal distribution provider. Meanwhile, USA Truck of Van Buren, Arkansas, enjoyed their inauguration as Alcoa’s Tier 1 carrier of the year for 'outstanding dry van service' in North America.

TMC Transportation of Des Moines, Iowa, earned their 5th consecutive carrier of the year award for 'exemplary flatbed service'. Remorquage St-Michel of St-Michel, Canada, won the Canadian carrier of the year award for a 6th straight year by providing 'superior truckload service' between the US and Canada and within the provinces. Alcoa’s 14 Tier 1 carriers handled about 50 per cent of Alcoa’s North America motor carrier business, the company announced.

The 10 carriers participating in the Tier 2 group carried approximately 23 per cent of Alcoa’s truckload freight in 2012. Mawson & Mawson of Langhorne, Pennsylvania was a first-time winner in the flatbed category. Oberg Freight Company of Ft. Dodge, Iowa won its 3rd straight carrier of the year award in the dry van category.

Commenting on the program, Tim Reyes, President of Alcoa Materials Management, said: “The core carrier awards represent a successful partnership that has been developed with our top transportation providers in North America. The carriers we are recognising have best met the criteria established to insure the needs of Alcoa facilities.”

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