Walmart Canada introduces new Supercube trailer

Walmart Canada, a division of multinational retail giant, Walmart, recently unveiled a 60-foot (18.3m) ‘Supercube’ drop deck trailer that was custom-designed to boost the company’s efficiency.

The Supercube trailer was presented at the recent ‘Fall 2012 Transportation Sustainability Conference’ held at the Walmart Canada home office. It was produced in partnership with Ontario-based trailer manufacturer, Innovative Trailer Design.

“Innovative and efficient transportation solutions are essential to achieving Walmart’s sustainability goals,” said Andy Ellis, Senior Vice-President of Supply Chain and Logistics for Walmart Canada. “This new trailer allows us to deliver more products to our stores, using fewer trucks, thereby reducing our impact on the environment.”

According to Walmart Canada, the Supercube model allows the retailer to ship up to 30 per cent more product as compared to using a standard 53-foot (16.2m) trailer.

The trailer’s interior includes a fully welded and sealed aluminum floor with an anti-slip surface that is meant to minimise tare weight while providing a safe and low maintenance surface. It can also boast flush-mounted LED lights in the ceiling, as well as aluminium and galvanised cross members.

In addition, the Supercube combination also includes a host of safety features such a driver safety system, which includes lane departure warnings, video-based safety and telemetry, and automatically generated risk management reports to facilitate safer driving.

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